"The Pursuit of Wellness"

Our Vision

To be the leader in Wellness within the region.

Our Mission

To promote, educate, and develop the wellness sector in the region.

Objectives of the Association

  1. Support health goals of Vision2030
  2. Develop theoretical and applied knowledge in the field of wellness and introduce trends and the latest research in the wellness sector
  3. Provide advise and provide studies to public and private sectors to raise the professionalism of the wellness sector and improve the quality of its standards.
  4. Developing scientific thought in the field of wellness and working to develop it and revitalize it
  5. Achieving communication for members of the Association by providing a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas in the wellness sector
  6. Develop the scientific and professional performance of the members of the association by identifying cultural and educational needs in the wellness sector and establishing programs to meet these needs.
  7. Facilitate the exchange of scientific production and scientific ideas in the field of interests of the association between the relevant bodies and institutions inside and outside the Kingdom and work closely with the government legislators (Office 2030, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Education) to contribute to the development and support of policies.
  8. Raising awareness of wellness activities and promoting them among individuals and companies by introducing the association and the field of wellness in the national and international media.